Python Regular Expression

Python Regular Expression

Module: PRE-101

  • Common string operations
  • String constants
  • Custom string formatting: format(), vformat(), parse(), get_field(), get_value(), check_unused_args(), format_field(), convert_field()
  • Format string syntax
  • Format Specification Mini-Language
  • Template strings: substitute(), safe_substitute(), template
  • Understanding binary and hex
  • Understanding ASCII and Unicode, Unicode methods and database

Module: PRE-102

  • Text Sequence Type – str
  • Basic String Transformations: capitalize(), casefold(), center(), count(), endswith(), expandtabs(), find(), format(),
    format_map(), index(), isalnum(), isalpha(), isdecimal(), isdigit(), islower(), isnumeric(), isprintable(), isspace(), istitle(), isupper(), join(), ljust(), lower(), lstrip(), maketrans(), partition(), replace(), rfind(), rindex(), rjust(), rpartition(), rsplit(), rstrip(), split(), splitlines(), startswith(), strip(), swapcase(), title(), translate(), upper(), zfill(), printf-style String Formatting

Module: PRE-103

  • Regular Expression Syntax
  • Regular Expression Objects: search(), match(), fullmatch(), split(), findall(), finditer(), sub(), subn(), flags(), groups(), groupindex(), pattern()
    Match Objects: expand(), group(), getitem(), groups(), groupdict(), start(), end(), span(), pos, endpos, lastindex, lastgroup, re, string

Module: PRE-104

  • Text processing case studies / projects using Regular Expressions, pattern matching and string transformation
  • Real life case studies, for example –
  • Sorting lines on custom criteria
  • Column statistics for delimited or flat-record files
  • Counting characters, words, lines, and paragraphs
  • Creating word or letter histograms
  • Reading a file backwards by record, line, or paragraph

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