Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

Module: BDA-101

  • Hadoop
  • What is Big Data
  • Understanding the Big Data problem
  • Hadoop overview and history
  • Overview of Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Architecture

Module: BDA-102

  • HDFS (file system understanding, blocks, read-write, assignment)
  • MapReduce dissecting MR program, combiner, counters, assignments)
  • Ambari overview
  • Architecture

Module: BDA-103

  • Pig (introduction, load and project datasets, complex types, joins, assignments)

Module: BDA-104

  • Hive (introduction, tables, selects, managed tables, external tables, order by, sort by, cluster by, partitions, buckets, Hive QL joins, assignments)

Module: BDA-105

  • Sqoop (import / export data from/to MySQL and HDFS/Hive

Module: BDA-106

  • Hbase

Module: BDA-107

  • ZooKeeper

Module: BDA-108

  • Oozie

Module: BDA-109

  • Flume

Module: BDA-110

  • YARN

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